• Therapeutic Massage

    A therapeutic massage from the massage therapists at Sevier Valley can do you a world of good.

    A massage is a delicious indulgence — the perfect antidote to modern life. Picture it: You’re lying on a cozy padded table under a warm blanket in a room with soft lighting. Relaxing music plays quietly in the background, and with your approval, aromatherapy products emit a delicate, calming aroma. The next hour or hour and a half are all about you.


    Whether you’re suffering from an injury, illness or you have stress-induced discomfort, therapeutic massage can help.


    Therapeutic massages are so named because they improve bodily functions. This includes restoring mobility, improving blood and lymph circulation, loosening tight muscles, and decreasing pain. Therapeutic massage can also improve mental function, helping to relieve depression, anxiety, and stress as well as boosting memory, focus, and concentration.


    During your full-body massage, we may identify trigger points, apply pressure to certain areas of the body, and work deep into muscles in order to improve flexibility and reduce pain.


    Although therapeutic massage has proven health benefits, many people seek it out purely for relaxation. The massage therapists’ gentle but firm kneading of muscles and tissues, long strokes and stretching, rocking and tapping techniques are not only pleasurable but also help release endorphins and oxytocin, which promote relaxation and a sense of well-being.


    A therapeutic massage relaxes your body, but it wakes it up as well, releasing toxins, facilitating integration among your body’s systems, and helping to shed feelings of melancholy and sluggishness.


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